These rollers were machined from scratch with a centre shaft welded through the middle, they are within a very small tolerance and are used for a printing machine.

These flywheels have been machined from a single billet of steel as per the customers sample also following an original drawing from Bentley UK.

These are 3 diesel generator cylinder heads that came in needing the valves seats machined.

Our biggest lathe can safely machine shafts and bar up to 2.2 metres as you can see this ink printing roller has worn on the bearing journal, and been welded up on the end and machined back to size.

We also do repairs and re sleeve parts that have worn from bearings to keep cost down and save machining from scratch, these bogey carriage wheels had worn and the bearings were loose, also wearing down the axels, so we made new sleeves for both the wheels and axel to suit new bearings.