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Frank Dawson started the company in 1986 and built it up using solid engineering practices and techniques.
Frank has now retired from the company but the staff and skills remain. We have over 30 years experience in machining, milling, boring, drilling and welding.

Copy any machine part

Shafts repaired or made new ie; bearing diameters or keyways (Metric, English, Woodruff, Gibhead). Gantry cranewheels built up and re-machined, corn crushing rollers machined. As well as machining metal we are also able to machine plastics and fibreglass. The image above is of a plastic roller that has been sleeved with fibreglass.

Small production runs

Car parts, flywheel, disc brakes, drum brake, skim to true up. Broken studs removed new studs or bolts made. Wheel bearings changed stub shafts repaired. Machining to exhaust to make flat gas tight surface.


Welding and small fabricated components. Hot and cold metal spraying facilities, brazing and silver solder. Our welders are experienced in all metals and are able to weld with great acuracy and precision.

Aluminium, Brass and Steel

We have been involved in some very interesting projects including the renovation of Second World War guns. The picture above is from a Howitzer. Further back in history we provided the expertise to renovate guns from the Napoleonic Wars.